So I’m just an average Jane!

Well I’m just an average Jane, well Fran actually. I have a passion for homesteading…the only problem…I have never done it! I did grow up on a small farm and I have some experience with organic gardening, but to do this homesteading thing, I’m just an average mother and wife making a go of it. Throughout this year, I will be starting my own seeds (some in the spring…the traditional way) and some with a new winter seed sowing technique that I have learned about. I will be attempting to turn my back yard slope of death into a thriving straw bale garden and trying to raise chickens and possibly rabbits. Over the winter I will be building a lean-to potting shed, a green house area, compost bin, and rain barrels. I may be biting off more than I chew with a busy household of 5 kids but I am going to do my best. Tomorrow I am hauling home 40 straw bales! So I will have pics coming soon! Join me as I share my successes and my failures, it will be a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun!


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