Straw Bale Gardening the Beginning!

Well here is the start! Today my mom and I loaded, hauled, and unloaded 42 bales of straw to my back yard. We went ahead and laid them out in rows the way I plan for them to stay. I have 4 rows of 10 bales and I have 6 extra bales. The 4 rows will be my main garden and the extras will be placed in another part of the yard for my melons and pumpkin plants. I want them to have plenty of room to spread out.  My next step will be to add my support stakes so that the bales stay close together and of course don’t roll down the hill. Over the next few months I will be treating the bales with urine and water to begin the composting process and have them ready for spring planting. I will post more pics of the process as it comes along!


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