Snow on my suburban homestead!

Well yesterday we got our first snow of 2014. Last year we got none and to be honest it isn’t something that happens very often here since we live on the boarder of TN and GA, and in a valley. When we do get snow it is a disaster! We don’t have lots of salt trucks or snow plows so our hilly roads and neighborhoods become impassable very quickly. So today I am home with the kids.  The view this morning was beautiful!

Snow 2014 015  Snow 2014 003

Snow 2014 005  Snow 2014 004

Our little yard had about 2 inches of snow. The view down the street was a pretty one and my husbands little car is covered! He has already taken out our 4-wheel drive suv to go to our local fire hall where he volunteers and is a medical first responder. So I ventured out early this morning to get some pictures, do a few chores, and enjoy the snow before the kids got up.  The first thing I did was check on my winter-sown seeds….they are looking good, getting their first freeze and watering when the snow thaws.

Snow 2014 006

Then it was time to take care of some local wildlife! I put out some dry cat food for the local strays since I am trying to build some trust to capture them and have them fixed in our local feral cat program.  Then I noticed that both my bird feeders were empty. So I filled them up.

Snow 2014 014   Snow 2014 008

Snow 2014 016  Snow 2014 009

Just now I saw a beautiful cardinal at my front feeder but I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo! I really feel like keeping wild birds fed and happy is important because they help with pest control, provide hours of entertainment for my cats, and are beautiful of course!

Snow 2014 007

My straw bales are also doing well! As you can see, they are just hanging out…slowly decomposing! Very soon I will be getting my stakes set and my trellis ran over each roll but right now with temps in the single digits I think it can wait a little longer!  Later today I am going to makes some chicken soup and get my indoor seeds started! So expect another post soon!



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