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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Over the years I have tried several homemade cleaning and household products. Some have been huge successes and some not so much! So I don’t like to post about them until I have tested them adequately and know they are cost effective. About 8 months ago I got this recipe from my sister and I have been using it since then! Last week I found that I was scrapping the bottom of the bucket and had to make some more!


These are the ingredients that I use and the price of each…I bought them at my local Wal-Mart…the only place that sales them all.

1 Box-20 Mule Borax   $3.97

1 Box- Arm and Hammer Baking Soda $2.24

1 Box- Arm and Hammer Washing Soda $3.24

1 Tub- Sun Oxi-Clean Powders $5.47

1 Purex Crystals  $3.97

3 Bars-Fels-naptha Laundry Bars $0.97 each

I always begin by dumping my dry ingredients into my handy 5 gallon bucket. Then I grate up my 3 bars of soap. Now my sister has an old food processor that she used and it made the soap really fine but I found that l like hand grating my soup with a cheese grater. It leaves bigger pieces which seems to make a little more suds in the wash. Plus you work up a good sweat grating all that soap! Then it is just a matter of blending it together. I just use may hands, reaching down to the bottom of the bucket and bringing the contents to the top until it is well mixed. I always save my scoop from the oxi-clean to measure my detergent. I use one scoop per load and yes, I even use cold water. I just toss in the detergent when I start my water and give it a minute to dissolve. I have never had any clumps or residue on my clothes.

This is what it looks like all finished!


In total I spent…$21.80. The last batch lasted me 8 months and that is with a family of 7! I don’t know the cost per load but I know that is a lot of savings! So give it a try. It cleans great, smells great, and is very cost effective!